Casino Games That We Teach

Casino gambling, table games, roulette, slots, or dice rolls-whatever you prefer, you need to know how to play. Before you can venture into the world of gaming, you need to learn how to play casino games correctly.

Fundamentals and Principles of Gambling

In gambling, there is such a thing as responsible play. Responsible gambling seeks to identify and prevent addiction, so it is first necessary to inform all players of the risks they may be exposed to.

It should be remembered that it is essential to treat gambling not as earning but as entertainment, which is an integral part of every game from the operators. Also, the player should not engage in entertainment in a bad mood. It should also be remembered not to bet on the last money or invest it at once to win back the spent amount.

Types of Gambling

There are two types of the Gambling industry: online casinos and land-based casinos. Gambling is commonly referred to as any kind of gambling. Among them are bookmakers, lotteries and poker.

Land-Based Casino

Gambling in Land-Based Casinos

Gambling at the casino is gambling houses, casinos, with a variety of well-known table games: roulette, poker, blackjack, dice with real dealers; there are also many slot machines on a variety of topics are available. Here everyone can spend their leisure time with particular pleasure and enjoyment.


Online Gambling

Online gambling is a gamer-themed site where anyone of legal age can play for real money for fun.

Today, most industry leaders universalize gambling sites, offering their customers a wide range of gambling games – from sports betting to slots and poker.

Online Gambling with Different Devices

It should be noted that online casinos in the world of high technology have become much closer. It is due to the fact that the casino is now available on any device: cell phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. There is no point in devoting a land-based casino if an online casino is with you 24 hours a day.

smartphone icon


As already said – online casinos are in your pocket. It means that today any smartphone with any operating system IOS, Android supports all online gambling platforms. So, you can download the casino app if you have it available, or you can go to the casino’s site with a mobile browser and keep on playing as you did on your PC, for example. The only disadvantage of playing online casino games from a smartphone is that not all games are available as in the PC version of the online casino.

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It is a more comfortable option for gambling than playing from a smartphone. The only downside is it won’t fit in your pocket. It is because the screen on a tablet is much bigger than on a smartphone. Nevertheless, you can play your favourite slots, roulette, games with live dealers, video poker from your tablet with pleasure, just like on your phone. Everything happens in the same way as with a smartphone. You either download the casino app or go in from your browser.

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A casino from any PC is always convenient. Regardless of desktop or laptop, a whole world of online gambling opens up in front of you. It’s also worth noting that the casino from your computer gives you access to all the games you can’t do from your cell phone.

What is Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gaming

While gambling may be a fun hobby for some, gambling addiction can lead to physical, emotional, and financial problems. As a result, casinos are working to provide resources for problem gambling to help protect community members from negative consequences.

Set a spending limit – this is an essential rule for everyone without exception.

Even as a seasoned casino player, this option of so-called money insurance always works to the player’s advantage. Play with the amount of cash you are comfortable with before you even dive into the world of gambling.

Remember that the player, not the casino, is responsible for his actions in the casino.

Popular Casino Games Categories

Now let’s take a closer look at all the games in the casino and their categories, and start with the most popular,
which experienced players and beginners use.

card-table-game image

Card & Table Games

Among the most popular table games in casinos are the following:

Poker. It is a classic among table card games with centuries of history. Its goal is to collect the most winning combination of cards. Today, there are many types of this game, and each of them has its own rules.

Baccarat. It is another popular card game for fans of gambling. There is an opinion that its success is because it is much easier than poker. The winner must collect a specific combination of cards, which are two or three to each player.

Blackjack. This is another popular type of card game. In blackjack, players are dealt two or three cards, and the winner must put together the winning combination.

Roulette. This is an excellent choice for table gambling enthusiasts who don’t feel sorry for cards, in addition to the classic roulette, such as American or French roulette.

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Bingo, Keno, instant lotteries on any subject – all of these and more are instant-win lotteries. In general, the lottery is the most common option for people worldwide to play, and the lottery is particularly appealing to the elderly. They play it with particular excitement and pleasure. Thanks to the fact that today there are many online casinos on the internet, you can play the lottery immediately and get the result of your win or loss, unlike the draw on TV or at any land-based casino.

slot-machine image

Slot Machines

If we talk about slots, they can be distinguished. Slots are the same reels found in land-based casinos, but everyone now has them on their computer and cell phone.

– Mechanical slots are “one-armed bandits” with a lever to start the game, usually having three reels and one to five paylines. There are also machines with a push-button start, nowadays not so popular.

– Video slots – a more modern type of slots, where a screen is used to represent the reels. Video slots can have up to five reels and up to fifty lines to play.

Slot machines have a different number of reels and paylines. In addition, all buttons on a slot machine have a constant value, although there are exceptions.

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Sports Betting

It is impossible to imagine modern sports without betting – without betting on sports, on soccer matches, events, individual athletes and entire teams. Sports betting has been around for decades; sports betting has been an excellent addition to the sports industry, uniting millions of fans worldwide.

Today, many casinos and other online resources offer fans to bet on a particular game and try their luck.

live-dealer-online-casino image

Live Dealer Games at Online Casinos

Live dealer games are becoming more and more popular among online casino operators and seek after by players worldwide. The fact that diverse content on the platform is a crucial part of the strategy to attract players is a fact. While each market’s audience has different demands and preferences, live dealer games are popular everywhere.

Live dealer games look the most realistic, creating a maximum presence in the casino. You can also chat with other players in real-time. The dealer can also answer questions and make jokes at the same time as the players read the chat.

progressive-jackpot-games image

Progressive Jackpot Games

Unlike fixed jackpots, the size of the progressive jackpots changes with each spin the gamer makes. Typically, a portion of each bet goes into the jackpot fund, which increases until someone is the lucky winner. After that, the size of the jackpot is reset and begins to grow again.

Progressive jackpots come in several types. The first is tied to a specific machine, and most often, they can be won offline. The second is tied to a group of slots, and with each wager on any of these games, the size of the progressive jackpot grows.

Finally, the third type of progressive jackpot is the most lucrative; they payout prizes that can change your entire life. These jackpots usually involve multiple video slots.

Most Popular Casino Games

Let us now take a closer look at the most popular casino games.

casino-roulet-rules image

Roulette Rules and Strategies

Roulette is one of the most popular games in casinos; it is interesting because of its payout to players – 35 times the bet. Unfortunately, playing roulette at random is a game of nothing.

The most popular game is the Martingale system of roulette. For example, every time a player loses, he doubles his bet. The essence of the scheme is that one win brings back the money that was lost before, plus brings a small profit. For this strategy, it is important to bet only on red/black, even/odd or 0-18/19-36.

blackjack image

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is everyone’s favourite and well-known game of 21. The essence of the game is simple: collect 21 points or more than the dealer has in his hands, but in no case more than 21. If the player collects more than 21, he “burns.” In the case of a draw, the player and the dealer are on their own.

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How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game whose goal is to collect cards equal to the number nine or closest to nine.

The highest combination in baccarat, which is called “natural,” is obtained from the sum of the values of two cards equal to nine. A combination of two cards equal to eight has a similar name but a slightly lower rank. Each card has its own value:

  • Cards from 2 to 9 are equal to their face value.
  • An ace brings one point.
  • The other cards give nothing to the player.

If a hand comes up with a sum of cards greater than nine, then ten is sure to be subtracted from it. To put it differently: there is never a sum of cards over nine; the possibility of overkill is excluded.

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Keno Rules

The player is given a ticket with numbers on it. Among a large number of numbers, it is necessary to cross out a given number of positions. The player does not have to cross out the maximum number of numbers. It is possible to bet on a single number, a pair, etc.

The number of balls involved in the drawing and other numerical parameters of the lottery determines the rules of keno:

  • The ticket contains 80 numbers;
  • There are 20 balls coming out of the machine;
  • A participant can specify up to 20 numbers.

Only the average parameter remains stable in the different versions of Keno. The total number of balls changes frequently.

Keno slots is a good, free simulator. Web casinos provide lottery simulators in two variations: demo (free) and cash bets. The first type of machines can be used to study the rules, delve into the heart of the game, and develop their strategy.

It will significantly increase the chances of success in the online lottery.

Sic Bo

You can place several bets at once. Types of bets:

This game uses three dice. First, it is necessary to bet on a particular die roll. After that, the dice are thrown. If the result is predicted correctly, you win; if not, you lose.

sic-bo image

Small / Large Bet:

  • Small or Large will appear in the status bar. A Small bet wins if the total amount is between 4 and 10 points. A Large bet wins if the total is between 11 and 17 points. Neither the small nor the big bet wins if three equal numbers roll.
  • The payout is 1 to 1.

Betting on a number:

  • Betting on a number means you predict that a certain digit will fall on as many dice as possible. For example, select a digit from 1 to 6 and place the chip(s) on the appropriate field. The status bar will read “One”, “Two”, “Three”, etc.
  • If the selected digit rolls 1 time, the bet pays 1 to 1, if 2 times it pays 2 to 1, if 3 times, it pays 3 to 1.

Betting on a pair:

  • A bet is placed on 15 possible combinations of two dice (e.g. 3 and 4, 2 and 5 or 2 and 6). The status bar will show “Pair.”
  • If both numbers are rolled, the winnings are paid out 5 to 1.

Total bet:

  • The total bet is made on the total sum of the numbers rolled on the three dice. The amount can vary from 4 to 17. 3 and 18 (only possible with triple digits) are not considered. The status bar will show “Total 4”, “Total 5”, “Total 6”, etc.

Betting on Double:

  • A bet is made on the fall of a particular pair (e.g., two threes). The status bar will show “Double One”, “Double Two”, “Double Three,” etc. If at least 2 of the selected numbers roll, the bet wins 10 to 1.

Bet on Triple:

  • A wager is placed on a specific triple of numbers (e.g., three twos) falling out. The status bar will show “Three ones”, “Three twos,” “Three threes,” etc. If 3 selected digits are rolled, the bet wins 180 to 1.

Bet on any Triple:

  • The bet wins if any three of the same digits are rolled. Any Triple will appear in the status bar. The bet wins 30 to 1.
slot-machine-rules image

Slot Machines

The simplest game, where the rules are not needed. The game starts with depositing money into a slot machine or online slot. This can be done with the help of the receiver of bills or coins, a club card, the accrual of credits by a casino employee, etc.

After that, the player must choose the bet amount and the number of lines on which he is going to play (if it is a multi-line slot). Then he presses the Play button or pulls down a special lever, which sets in motion the drums of the machine. When they stop, the combination is determined. If it is in the payable category, the Win screen will show the winnings. The player can take it or press the Gamble button and increase it.

Online slots are also notable because they offer additional bonus games and free spins to play. Therefore, online slots can be played for free.

craps-game image

How to Play Craps

The basic principle of the game of dice – each player, in turn, throws several dice (one to five), then the result of the throw (the sum of the rolled points; in some variants used the points of each dice separately) is used to determine the winner or loser.

poker image

Poker Rules and Strategies

Poker is played at one table by several people (a minimum of two, a maximum of ten). A standard card deck of 52 cards is played.

The game’s goal is to get as many chips/money as possible, to lose as little as possible. There is no limit to the number of hands.

Two cards are dealt with each player. First, five common cards are placed on the table, with three cards placed first and then one more.

The first player then bets, and in turn, the bet is either supported or raised. Finally, if one of the players sees that his cards are weak, he leaves the game.

There are a lot of strategies; each player chooses for themselves a particular version of the game.

Video poker and poker in the casino are different variants of poker. In the first case, you should not cheat. After that, the game runs quite smoothly. At the table in the casino, the game of poker keeps every player in suspense.

There is also a scoring system that allows you to win at poker.

Real Money vs Free Games

Gaming for real money in an online or land-based casino is always a risk. These risks lead to either a loss of money or an increase in cash. If you are new to the world of gambling, it will be difficult for you to play real money casino games. This refers to the fact that you need to delve into each game, decide on a game strategy, and play purposefully.

Therefore, all online casinos have developed a system of free games for beginners. It means that when you register, each participant allocated free chips or free spins to play slots so that each player could delve into any of the favourite games, learn about the casino, learn the rules.

In other cases, free money is charged only if the player makes a deposit on your account. And depending on the platform, the deposit amount or percentage of the deposit may vary. Nevertheless, with extra money from the casino, you can easily play all possible games, from Slots to roulette or poker.

Tips on Choosing Casino Game

A newcomer should register and verify the casino which he chose for himself. It is worth noting that the casino must have a license and good reviews of players, how quickly the money is withdrawn and whether it is withdrawn because the first rule for everyone is the honesty of the casino.

Registration takes a few minutes by filling out a simple form. It should be taken into account that the data must be entered correctly, because a letter of confirmation of registration will be sent to the email. Verification is a verification of identity and proof of the documents provided so that the player can quickly deposit and withdraw money.

After registration, the player logs into the casino and personal account and can participate in the games and receive wagering bonuses or refuse them. By the way, information about the wagering is submitted immediately upon receipt of the bonus. Not wagering the bonus, the casino participant will not withdraw the money received.

Software Providers of Games for Online and Land-Based Casinos

Gaming software is the face of any casino. Reliable software allows you to attract new customers and retain regular players. The more gamblers visit the institution; the higher is the casino’s income.

Pay attention to:

Legal software. Software developers for online casinos and land-based gambling establishments should have all the necessary licenses.

The quality of graphics and sound. Study not only the themes of available games but also the quality of their images. It should be high. The sound should be clear and volumetric.

Use of new technologies. Today, casino software vendors offer solutions that support 3D, VR, AR, AI, etc.

Adaptability for mobile devices. Online casino software should be compatible not only with personal computers but also with mobile devices.

Customer Service. The industry leaders have a customer and player support service working around the clock.

Now the top 5 software vendors:

novomatic logo


The company develops slot machines, creates hardware and software for land-based and virtual gambling establishments.

playtech logo


Playtech is one of the first companies in the gambling sector to use comp points to reward players. Also, its bonus system provides bonuses for registration, deposit, repeat deposits, referring a new player, etc.

betconstuct logo


BetConstruct is a technology and service provider for online and offline gambling establishments. The company’s software is used by poker rooms, bookmakers and casinos. The provider offers a generous bonus system, including sign-up rewards, and a six-step rakeback system. The jackpot is a single, four-tiered jackpot.

playson logo


The company develops slot machines and games for online casinos and land-based gambling establishments. The Playson portfolio includes slots, blackjack and roulette.

As incentives, users are provided with free spins and three types of jackpots: tiered, secret and daily.

amatic logo

AMATIC Industries

AMATIC Industries is a developer and manufacturer of electronic roulette, lottery terminals, and slot machines. As incentives, the provider offers a wide list of bonuses, four-tier progressive jackpots of two types: stand-alone and secret.

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