Online gambling: fun and profitable

Online gambling

From poker to roulette, online gambling has become much more accessible with the advent of smartphones and connected devices. They are highly entertaining and offer the chance to win prizes as well as money. However, they are not unregulated and are allowed in a number of countries. Focus. What is online gambling? Online gambling is … Read more

Cyber addiction: how do you disconnect?

Cyber addiction

Do you spend hours chatting on WhatsApp? Can’t count the time you spend on YouTube? Are you hovering over your Facebook news feed while walking? If you answer yes, beware: you could be a victim of Cyber addiction! To avoid getting lost in the virtual world, here are some tips. What is cyber addiction? It’s … Read more

What is eSports?

What is eSport

Cybersports are competitions in various computer games. Matches can be played in teams or solo, depending on the nature of the discipline. Sometimes there are also different competitions for teams and individual players in the same game. How does it work? At first glance, e-sports have a very simple structure. Game developers and various companies … Read more